Competitive Shooting and
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Action Pistol Group (APG) sponsors monthly IDPA, USPSA, USPSA Steel Challenge and Multi-Gun matches at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. We also offer an Introduction To Competitive Shooting Class for persons who have never participated in these types sports. Periodically, We also host Outlaw Matches at our private range at Whitewater.

APG has been training persons how to safely handle and shoot a firearm since 2002.  We offer basic and advanced pistol instruction at the Grand Junction Colorado Parks and Wildlife indoor range or at our private outdoor range in Whitewater.  Instruction is provided by NRA Instructors and our courses are suitable training to receive a Colorado concealed carry permit.  Periodically, we offer Refuse to be a Victim training, which prepares citizens how to be safer in their homes and out in public.  It is not firearm related.


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IN 2021, Action Pistol Group will sponsor the

2021 Wilson Combat Rocky Mountain Regional IDPA Championship on May 27 - 30

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APG Firearms Training Classes

"You will not rise to the occasion but will default to your level of training."

All Classes Are Taught By NRA Certified Instructors

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