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Our Class Schedule for 2014 is now posted (See "Schedule & Class Locations").
You can register for a 2014 Class using the 2014 Registration Form.
Just fill in the blanks and check the boxes indicating your month
and class preference. The Personal Protection Outside The Home classes
will be held in April, May and September. Classes in other months
will be for the Basic Course (Personal Protection In The Home).
A Class for Instructor Certification will be scheduled when a sufficient
number of registrations have been received.

IDPA and USPSA Shooters - Please Take Notice
WE NOW have five bays at the club's Whitewater
range and will no longer have to rely on the Cowboy Range
for IDPA, USPSA, and other club sponsored activities.

Students Please Take Notice:
Recent events have served to greatly limit the availability of ammunition at local
retail stores. We strongly suggest that you shop now in order to
obtain the 200 rounds you will need at the class.

New Colorado Gun Legislation
Limitations on Firearm Transfers
Large Capacity Magazine Prohibition